This is a time lapse video of me working on my most recent work, Lilith & Naga.  It is a combination of oil on birch panel and charcoal with the lines are created by using an industrial grinder as a drawing tool. Your comments appreciated.

NapoB art
Lilith& Naga, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 in., 03/20/2015

3 Replies to “Lilith & Naga”

  1. Thank you Kate, ya that is why I post artwork mainly to my main fb page instead of the napob page, I will check out the Kyle Staver work later when home… and thank you for the appreciation.. and more to come


  2. really interesting, Napoleon. ( really cannot shorten such a magnificent name) It is a rare privilege to watch the layers of a work surface and disappear , surface and disappear until the the final work emerges. Like the figure very uch. The serpents remind me a bit of Pandora’s Box by Kyle Staver- Do you know it? Kate

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