Augmented Portraiture

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Simply get  Layar app (7mb) with your smartphone or tablet at

Layar (augmented Reality) image can be scanned

This AR print by Napoleon Brousseau expands the narrative by providing audio and video clues at the curious collection of objects in the image threw the use of LAYAR. After downloading the app, you can scan the life size print with your smart phone or tablet.

On the screen will appear a video explaining icons on your device and directing the user to various content, audio, video, a blog, mobile site and social media buttons.

The artist will be constantly expanding the narrative information of the work over the coming month by elaborating the backstory on his blog > with videos and related art works. Read some of the backstories of objects in the image.

The life size C print is quite impressive to see but if you can’t make it by the gallery you can access this information, anywhere the “Life Tools Power Object” image appears, even on your computer screen, or in any print form.

“Life Tools Power Objects” was part of the digital art exhibition “Simulators II”
at the Angell Gallery in Toronto till March 22nd 2014

Simply get the Layar app (7mb)  go to

Try it; your comments and observations are appreciated.

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