the cameron public house, 1988 napoleon brousseau room # 8My eight by ten room at the Cameron House, circa 1988, below my current studio. Here I am 24 years later still painting in confined spaces.  I have had periods of working in a large studio, where I could work on several large works at the same time. Recently I completed a series of ten large panels in my six by eight foot sized studio. It was very rewarding to finally see the work in a gallery, where the full impact of the work could be appreciated.  I have resorted to taking pictures of my work in progress and then pasting them into my generic gallery setting backdrop to get some idea on when the work is close to ready. Most galleries do no encourage the completion of the work at the installation time, I can understand and fortunate for me I have never had to resort to doing this. Last week during my installation at the Robert Kananaj Gallery I thought I might have to actually break out the rollers and do some updating. Instead I was astonished and ecstatic on how incredible the works looked.  

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