“I Can Get Some Satisfaction”

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Cousin Fifi is an alter ego device, that hovers between deception and truth. This hieroglyphic armour emerges from the south in the welcoming heat of the rising sun.

“Fideles Morales”  WITH COUSIN FIFI INFERNO & the paint continues to flow threw the proper channels.

How I relate to this most perplexing and astounding painting. When I first presented it to a collector he had unexpectedly wandered into the studio without realizing that looming behind him was Cousin Fifi, freshly completed. When he turned to look, he quickly turned to me, his fist clenched his face in a puffed up rage. He stood there for a few moments, I was expecting a punch in the face. Then he suddenly let go and said “the world has to see this”  so here it is again. My take on what Cousin Fifi represents to me.

In Egyptian hieroglyphic form de-marking  a new paradigm, or a hidden aspect that has recently emerged into the light in full form. Alive and well, formed by the Dionysian fires of desire and power, unfolding  yet paused before the ascending moon.

I was searching for metamorphic armour, a psychological being or device that rose with sun and slept with the moon. The cool night air contains the inner fury of this hypersexual being.

There is no limit to were this sexual armour will take you with lies, revelations and truths. Just the truth isn’t good enough, I want satisfaction, the Jagger lips and stern gaze simply stating,     “I CAN  GET SOME SATISFACTION”.

What is your take on this, I would be very interested in your truthful or deceptive comments.

Cousing Fifi Inferno, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 70 in. 1999 / click on image to see large format

Your words appreciated

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