Dali’s Dream, napob


‘ Confused John Travolta and this is not about his dream it`s about my dream ‘ napo


In the dream I have been asked to be in a play. When I get to the theatre I realize that this is a very odd place. The stage is in a box above where the main stage should be, below where the stage is suppose to be is a large space like a gymnasium. The wardrobe people tell me that I have to put on this pirate costume and that I will be in the final scene of the play. The director and one of the writers shows up they fill me in that I am going to be this bad pirate that kills the hero of the play at the end of the last scene. I ask them for lines and they give me a page of script so small I can’t even read it. It’s microscopic. They tell me “just improvise”.

By then I have two little black rags for a costume, one around my waste and one over my shoulder with a huge comical pirate hat and a broken weird sword. I go to look over the balcony and see people everywhere rehearsing for different plays but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere for the audience.

By now I am getting worried about this dumb situation I have gotten myself in. The play is going on and the last scene is coming up. So I go out on stage and the Hero captain is singing and dancing around with other pirates, as I approach him to kill him, he moves backwards, trips on a barrel and breaks his neck. One of the pirate screams out the captain’s dead. I do a little dance. Curtain. I hear applause from outside somewhere.

I wake up.

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