Cabal Economics

No time for banks that practice adversary shifts in the loss of domestic mysteries

Argued and ridiculed by the need of turnpike dynasties

In transitions of gathering functions of connections dissolving evidence

Without benefit of loving acoustics with songs of permanence

The silent animal of no known name was a new adversary

A potential celestial lay about  vacationing on the snow drift of history

The details of his story had undergone to many fiascoes

With the Gods foaming at the mouth in a year full of zeroes

They’d surrounded the issues with wads of paper

Of gum of wood of brains of themselves to hide their caper

With one bare bulb they called the sun it was a dungeon

For all the local people knew these Gods controlled no one

© napoleon brousseau 2013                                                                                                         NaPoWriMo  day 09

Your words appreciated

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