After leaving my Batak house
Along the shores of Lake Toba
I receded to the jungles
Of Bukit Lawang
To sleep by the river
With but a straw door
As the commotion of the night noise
Kept me awake in awe
Awaiting  morning
Half asleep I barbecued coconuts

In the day swam with the orangutan
That night as I entered my hut
In a sudden impulse
Reached into a hole
Deep above the door
Removed a lump of copal
And gave it to a Fakir
Who settled my haunted dreams
Gave me all the tools I need
 finally could sleep 
By the rolling river
Of Bukit Lawang
Where I dreamt and swam
With orangutans

©napoleon brousseau 2013                                             NaPoWriMo day 015

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