“Sexy Beast o’ Burden Rant”

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napoleon brousseau artist
Gusher Economics and all it’s side effects

I was on a right angle to know where

Full o wonder corporation extenuating circumstantial Id’s
Included in this one time offer a free punch clock to go to work
So spread those peanut butter legs and come with us
On a magic carpet ride on assembly line evidence
So you know just the other day I was talking to
A fringe of mind about the steak of affairs in the whirl
People it seem war pre occupato with chortling sides
But actually they couldn’t see there were no sides
In this beast of industry ’cause you see
It ain’t standing in a stable down on the farm
In fact this unstable beast o burden is in actual real terms
A series of neural zaps between the eyes and the ears
My friend says to me “You mean theres real communication going ’round”
“As sure as the world spins”, I says to him
And the deal is that if you got a particle o’ knowledge
You can be high above in a cloud with view
“Where do you signs me up”‘ he says
“Ah you fartfull Id, just by breathing your in the game
Cutting the cheese with all the other operators of the new world order
Plus a guilt free nights sleep framing your dreams in all the gold you can eat

©napoleonbrousseau 2012                             NaPoWriMo   day 22

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