L'avenir *The to come  napob.com
L’avenir *The to come

Men with Big Forks came and ate dinner with us
Flipping big thoughts boys with big ideas
Speaking about economic convulsions between banker whores
The breakdown of the BIG IDEA in 1929
The burping of the Paris School 1937
Corgi, Metzo-Putzo, Carlyle
The 1960s Revisionists Winter and the Prague Spring
The Would Be revolution WBR
Ideas into revulsion and secret under cover movements
Pollution and the prevailing orthodoxy
Resurgence of Analytic Philosophy, Positivism, Fascism
Authentic anti morphism and dog root autopsies
Women with Big Spoons came to chase the big forks away
Presenting impossibilities set into motion sickness
Our self-inflicted industrial shot to the head
Rarefied categories of historical fecal matter
Re examined constantly by the nurse maids of Philoguts
Rational distribution of productive forces
Improved performance in the rag and bone shop of life
Christ brought a Big Knife to the dinner table last night
Last supper platitudes avoided at all costs
This guy was a psycho chef d’oeuvre
Mere humans conforming to global whiplash
With profit margins magically leaving the stage of world affairs
Dinner was called off; every one went back to their workbenches
That was the last time I sat for dinner and chat philoguts

© napoleon brousseau 2013              NaPoWriMo  day 24

Your words appreciated

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