edge notes
edge notes
Dog Logic but what about the paws


A few edge notes from my Yucatan Diary,

Cancun party weekend to end all parties,
Spent all my money in two days in Cancun so headed south to Tulum,
slept on the beach at Tulum for a week at a resort called Chac Mool,
resort owned by Nova Scotia couple and got a job as a dishwasher and busing tables,
washed dishes during a huricane that washed me through an open window,
learned about raw foods and digestive enzines,
battled a rattle snake in my backpack,
worked in a mayan bakery, smoked camel cigarettes to meet the locals,
swam in senotas,met a sweet Irish girl,
shared calendula cream with sun burnt  California guy who gave me his mountain bike to use,
deposited personal sacred artifacts at the temple of the fallen moon’s kings chamber by the full moon,
saved by a woman in a Mini Morris that got me to the airport on time from Tulum to Cancun.
People in Toronto where worried about me because I had disappeared from Cancun but had been spotted on mountain bike heading for Belize.

But that’s another story.

© napoleon brousseau        Yucatan Diary 1989

Your words appreciated

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