about  “Life Tools Power Objects” project

We slept by the sea last night with the full moon watching over us, got up at dawn and waited for the sunrise and went for a swim. On the way up the beach I found a turtle skull in the sand with a shell measuring thirty inches from head to tail. I took the skull and cleaned it using sand and seawater, I also cleaned four carapace segments.  The turtle species in question was an ‘Olive Green Ridley’ sea turtle. The smell was extremely gross, and the entire task took about an hour or so. As I walked around later I found two more skulls, but as the day progressed I discovered an entire turtle massacre. Later in the afternoon we sat with a Sadhu having tea, and he explained to us that bad people slaughter the turtles when they come up on the beach to lay eggs because of a certain gland in the turtles can sell them for four or five thousand rupees. That’s enough to get by for a half a year for some people.

On that beach the night before, we had trouble going to sleep with the sound of the surf and the open star lit sky, no moon was visible as we lay there. Sleeping on any beach can be tough, I remember coming out of my sleep and  Sabu asked me, what is that, as she pointed to a star cluster that was pulsing and shifting in the sky. “Oh, that’s an inter-dimensional gateway” is what I said, without hesitating.  “You have to remember how it appears from the reverse for your return journey, it might not look the same from the other side, you can train your body to automatically tap the ground with your hands, gently, when you want to return, it’s like a transponder signal”.

Kachuba, Elora Caves, India
rubbing of turtle carving in floor of cave at Elora, India – 1992
Full Moon Lake Pushkar, India
Watercolor, Full Moon Lake Pushkar, India – 1992
Charcoal drawing “Second Pond” 1999


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