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Reflections on a rainy day in paradise…

Searching for the soul uplink portal

Escaping the human made grid and finding locations on our home planet where we receive the good stuff.   I live in Toronto, Canada, for the time being I consider it my home base, though I have seriously considered changing my location on the basis of time and energy allotted to all living beings in this transitional rapidly decaying thing we call “individual life span”.

I have conditioned myself to always look towards goals, objectives and transformational conclusions, which open up the portals to a new expansion. Since I was young I saw this walk on this earth as an extended hike through our collective stories. I am so aware of the suffering that occurs around me that at times it has paralyzed me, simply because I couldn’t comprehend this thing we call the human condition. I have taken the time at some points in my life to try and lift those up that needed a helping hand, but I have always returned to my hike towards the endgame and my fire decay point. I don’t know what happens beyond this point though I am familiar with many philosophies and opinions on death.

Sunset's  resplendant beauty
Sunset’s resplendent beauty

In my modern accommodations in Toronto I am constantly aware of the buzz and drone of progress all around me. It drags me down like the yoke on an ox plowing the awaiting soil of possibility. The geomantic locations of my current home seldom gives me a further afield view, and the interference of modernity’s toys, such as cell phone towers, corrupted news information, people’s desperation and sorrow drags me down. My mind becomes a panic ridden nest of ants in a rainstorm  losing  sight of myself despite my meditations and affirmations.  The voices vibrating song is all we have to find a better path in the darkest hours of our lives.

The guardians are await you
The guardians await you

Today I am sitting in the quiet of Sedona Arizona, the rain is coming down and the hiking trails are probably empty. This rain is most auspicious for it will bring an abundant variety of flowers in the coming days. I am considering hiking as I prepare my gear in search of that geomantic uplink. I first started coming here in 1980, and have faithfully returned over the years to find peace and clear my mind, I strongly recommend the journey. A quiet canyon awaits you to share it’s beauty and open space and punctuate the solitude of our individual journey.


I have cactus in my blood, another story
I have cactus in my blood, another story

My artistic practice has always been my lifeline, as people change and places crumble into expansion and ever changing agendas.  I am looking towards the next illuminated lighthouse of the future self. I am committed to moving forward and living my story, aware my journey is only mine and though I share it lovingly with others, it will like all things crumble and be forgotten. This gives me great joy in knowing self-importance is the most corrupt illusion of this life, observing it in others is the best comedy show on earth. What I call “The planet that makes it’s own gravy”.

ebatu marks the path to a Medicine wheel for a friend
ebatu marks the path to a Medicine wheel for a friend

My goal in my journey to knowhere is sharing openly with others where the possible toe holds on this expression climb through  our time together, the rest is only a fading empire.


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