50's Grey Pink Ghost, Roller Painting, Oil on Panel, 32 x 36 in., 2014
“Her” , Roller Painting, Oil on Panel, 32 x 36 in., 2014

The Grey Pink Ghost Woman, was created with prepared rollers, in less than twenty minutes last week. I still don’t know if I will keep it like this, she suddenly appeared on the panel and I had to stop and contemplate who this woman from the forties or fifties was or could have been or where she came from. Along with all my other random ghost paintings I am considering using facial recognition software in order to attach a possible identity to the face. Conceptually I have considered how on random portrait might produce an exceptionally long list of names associated with one painting. I’m on it.

I will update on this project on a regular basis. NB


5 Replies to “Newest Random Apparition”

  1. Let the spirits flow through the paint, possibly painting my future relatives… like the rolling paint fastening down remnants of departed souls… who know really… I simply love seeing them appear on the canvas


    1. I like that idea – we haven’t done anything together since a one inch square dry point around 1975. A friend gave me some half rotten antique rubber paint rollers for borders and painted “wall paper”. The half rotten part certainly increases the randomness.


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