The Denial State, “Between the bubbles and blue skies the constant suck of the denial state, you name it from the top down and back up, we are all complicit. The facial expression in the eyes of the specimens is the tension between desire and fear, the lies are the bridge that binds them in this forced coupling.” NB1999
Denial State, oil on canvas, 66 x 88 in., 1999. Collection of the artist

Painted fifteen years ago, I stop to reflect on where I was in 1999 jumping from the last gang plank of the late twentieth moving into the new expansion of consciousness. Now fifteen years later, the expansion came and dissipated and things remained the same. Here at the end of 2014  the degree of polarization between pleasure/desire seekers and pain/fear feeders is still somehow still with us. For a while the open air new possibility of the twenty first century alluded to something better coming. Yet here we are threading in the flotsam of the late twentieth and it’s lies on lies, misconceptions and blind side economics. It’s a scene out of the Matrix… with all of us in a dreamy hope filled 1999 time… bubbles and blue skies. NB

Detail ” The eye of fear”
Detail ” Bubbles and blue skies”

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