Edge-notes: Fastwurms trio travel to DV for some inspiration. Napo travels from NYC, Kim and Dai travel from Toronto, they meet in Las Vegas.

napob art
Artist Drive, Death Valley California

One more time in tandem roles and fingered memory in rolling wheels and exploding liquid flights in pouring cash into our unique trail blazing paradigm. Smiles and chuckles of three: in you U turns on slipping ice on flying carpets, on rocking beds, on the lawn, and on and on to Las Vegas and the slot machines of Antioch. We didn’t bother to stay and play as we rumored north out on cash and drum rolls towards Tonopah we’re we observed the nighttime flashes of mystery vehicles coming and going from the night sky near Area 51. Camped on a ridge for the night then in the morning hours we slipped on we went north to Dinah’s Punch Bowl. Hot springs temperature 137° as we settled for a spill and soak and a day of hanging out and camping beneath the stars. Next morning we steam traveled south stopped at Goldfield bought deer antlers and some beers proceeding south to Death Valley. Destination Ebehebe crater to sleep on the rim kept warm by the mesquite fire. Bedrolls thin and cool, in the night air, dreaming by the side of a gaping black hole of the crater.  Dream time, spirit canoe sleep formations, and the gift hawk feathers medicine came at sunrise at our camp.

Kim & Dai, Death Valley, C alifornia
Kim & Dai, Death Valley, C alifornia

Checked in for a stroll at Stove Pipe Wells then on to Devils Golf Course in search of stink bugs hoping to make some rain. Stopped for a walk on the salt flats at Badwater, then went down to the Borax works to check out the twenty mule team wagons.  We made our way to Funeral Mountains and set up camp near the Keen Wonder Mine. The following day went down the dunes for a sleepy time and sun baked our beans and looked for stink bugs. Sun so hot so we made our way back to camp the base near the Keen Mine sulfur spring, a cool watering hole and small marsh with exceptional reeds to hide in like Moses. Soaking in the cool water, hiding under my Stetson in 90° heat with smell of sulfur wafting in bursting bubbles. Had a brief chat with spirit guides off in the desert late in the evening by a sage bush, but that’s another story.

Camped bedrolls under the stars by the silver and gold mine while the white burning light of mesquite twigs a pagan theater appeared with kangaroo rats dancing around us visiting the warm flames collecting crumbs of food and then off into the hills and the deep dark shadows. Gave some spiders some hairs from my rabbits foot I found out on the highway, and they copulated for a moment then ran off with the fur. Star gazing fabulous late night whiskey and fire watching being taught by the fire theatre of life as cinders popped and rose up into the atmosphere. Next morning out of our digs, out of Death Valley via Zabrinsky Point and on to Lake Mead, with a quick sprint through the Valley of Fire and a peek at petroglyphs before heading back home to New York via Las Vegas. Winter 1986.


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