“Word Rodeos & The New Word Order”

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napob art
“Don’t knuckle under peak oil” digital print, 2002, napob

This is my  intro “Word Rodeo” is a sample of how I see my written words, much like paint it is stacked, juxtaposed,  colorful, reckless, unpredictable, concepts by association.Dehydrated could mean several contour designed criteria’s, more or less temporal patients as outlets in temporary outhouses facing the bottom of humankind.

Intellectuals de-boning the armature of capital… we’re all de-boning the world… debonair de-boners. Needless and said these negative pulsations invade the meaning of magic and the scintillation of words… parodist purposefully draw needless yields from a singular perspective… and focus this spectator plasma in the mindless `sit-in in time….welcome to the time digs… a sit in is watching television a movie a play, sitting inside a conceptual story space

What I need is better pictures to go with these word pillows…. one image could replace a thousand word pillows…. word pillows being devoured by A trillion tiny jaws and claws of DNA… the spiders in the gene pool’s filtering system… tempered with emotional climate.. Each basic New Word Order polarity either being a cognitive structure versus a glandular convention… the social stomach of creatures in crisis… breed in the word rodeo and image foundry.

One Reply to ““Word Rodeos & The New Word Order””

  1. this piece seems prophetic of the Japanese Fukushima nuclear disaster we are now experiencing in 2011. Real Artists are always prophetic, seers, mediums,future thinkers, openers of consciousness,at the forefront of… dreamers,unbound by time and space. Marion Woodman the famous Canadian psychologist declared at a talk at O.C.A.D. in early 90's that the job of the modern artist is to create New Archetypes.I know that you have always been at the cutting edge of unseen realities and your role is to create mold paint bring us to those brave new worlds of consciousness.Exellent!


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