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Water water down the drain, will you ever come back again?

Fry, the boy who cried an emperor, one of my favorite Futurama episodes where he goes to a water planet and drinks the emperor and has to cry him out to save himself and his friends.
Fry, forced to cry out the Emperor of the Water Planet
Fry, forced to cry out the Emperor of the Water Planet
It would seem we have plenty of water available to us, despite no snowfall in Toronto this winter which made some people a bit twitchy. I just finished reading Steven Solomon’s book “Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization”. If there is one area of focus that we as humans should focus on is the quality of water, and for me it usually starts with the drain. I could go on about all the amazing water displays as oceans and lakes, rivers, streams, geysers, rain, hail, need I go on. The phenomenal parthenon of waters power within and around us, but at the end of the day it’s you and the drain.
I always wonder if that liquid disappearing beyond  the rim of the drain pipe will come back to haunt me one day, when can I expect to see these water molecules again all cleaned up ready to boil my potatoes or  brush my teeth. How about having water haunt your children in years from now, and though the water from your faucet appears clean it carries with a host of
little goblins ready to punch back for what you put down the drain years ago.
napob.com artworks
Rain Being, oil on panel 2001. Napo B
As a painter I remember  some twenty years ago the depression setting in as I washed my paint brushes, rollers and trays. I started keeping my tools wrapped in plastic and moist in order to avoid the drain and the heart felt sickness that overcame me when I had to clean my tools. Today I still keep brushes going with different colors going in order to avoid the cleanup.
It seems a small gesture in view of the tons of water that make the oil sands possible, or most manufacturing; as a water based life form I find it odd that we have such a blind spot for how we manage our water.  After reading Steve Solomon’s book, I had found my muse, her name is Water, the most sacred, in the Bible it is said “The earth was formed out of water and by water”, in the Qur’an it is stated that “Living things are made of water”.
Enjoy, protect, rethink your water, and read Steven’s book see how the power elites have avoided, exploited, defaced one of the primary sacred elements.
You can follow Steven Solomon’s  blog at >  http://thewaterblog.wordpress.com/

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