To wish away is more true than abandoning in animal utterances

This degeneration points at going down in physical position

From soul language precepts we conform to  social production

Inner escape laws feel wondrous in our ordinary ability

The existing radiance of the solar  nursery  as it makes pilgrimages

Illuminating  traditional ideologies to more normal outsights

The clamor of our  machinations  based on the transference

Partner patient tactics or tectonics of  power views

The central dynamo of nurse patient child tendencies

Our self confident wreckless success at suffering

By no escape from the victory of cradle to casket taxes

Can one admit unyeilding, quizical  broaching of the mysteries

This  servant situation misunderstood as a safe house

Our dumbness and readymade fear activities

From agrarian to husbandry to unmanageable techniques of deflated power

Dawning in a perfectly bodyless nature, disarming castrators and manipulators

Merchants in a scheme about our place, with their  superimposed umbrellas of commerce

No wonder to!

Instead of communal ideoligies framed in cosmic abundance

Your abdication from this human task, within this non organismic meta body

We realize it’s fertilization is locked in  a conceptual dialogue

Beyond natural limits, without the anchered infra structure of heroes

A plentitude of magical omnipotence,  explicit ambushes  set in fashion

The anatomy of  a confusion of irrational vitality and spectacular risk


copyright Napoleon Brousseau 2012

NaPoWriMo  day 04

Your words appreciated

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