“The last minutes at Stink Bug Lodge”

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Stink Bug Testimony
Stink Bug Testimony

An east coast swamp of charlatans and healers

Reached out into transplanted logic

Uncalculated   producers within the wall of kin

Where debunking the wall of vision

With the brief light of arctic sunlight

The urns of ashen cities fading in the fog

The ascending angel   vapors fueled

The collective activity of clans

Hanging future cargo on the breathe of trees

The crackle of autonomous actions in the land of

A thousand pictures circa 1986

Tragic magic and the fugue state

With more chew in the bullpen of history

We doubled our fun by proxy

While fiction corrupted the viewer

Elegant solutions with fresh junctions

Intercepted at   Stink Bug Lodge

The great slave doctrine

And the tradition of silent expanses of wilderness

Unfolds in the bark of trees

In the bark of wolves

Unity no longer approximates forms

Hollow concepts de-bone armatures of passion

The big onion of scattered essentials reveals

For concrete history transformation is subsistence

Nature the aphrodisiac of confident culture


copyright Napoleon Brousseau 2012

NaPoWriMo  day 03

Your words appreciated

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