surveillance @Best Bar

Today I stayed in my room looking out onto the street watching people go by typing it out as fast as quick as the people slipped  in and out of view.

A man and his son glasses glasses is gone,     

Young man in a red leather coat,    

Man with frizzy hair and blue cotton coat,       

Yellow cop  car stops in front of the sub shop,      

He’s going to the Best Bar,     

Man stripe T-shirt for two shirt,     

Man with beer going by,    

 Young man bluebeard and similar genes,   

Man with bald spot for women with  red hair,  

Man with a dog in a yellow jacket,    

Santa leaves with coffees handcuffed,     

Young woman crying into denim jacket,    

Women in dark blue double knit wheelchair,   

Man with woman with a man,  

 Man clawing along with lobster came with a gray suit brown tie,   

Woman in a brown corduroy pants strained,   

Man in gray suit brown tie doubles back,    

Woman in gray dress passes man with cane they look at each other,   

Woman in gray dress with cane goes into laundromat,  

Tall man in M I B  suit looking up my way while waiting,   

Man with beer case and blue jacket walking tall,   

young woman in Adidas walking quickly,  

 womanly coat with blue handbag protesting,    

Man in laundromat shouting from doorway to someone inside,   

Man in gray trousers with plastic wrinkle under his arm,   

Woman in red hair grows in parts it at the post office parking lot,   

Man in Mr Dress Up  sweater turns and looks up pausing with milk in hand,  

 Snappy elevated disco girl with giant stereo component box,   

Man green trousers with brown paper bag looks towards her,   

Two longhair meet one long hair,   120 banquet  Chinese girls  slip  by,   

Longhair nods in bargain-basement chuckles come up from the street,   

No people or cars on the street right now,   

Woman with red leather purse clutching in third gear,   

Man and police  let her passing crossing  and going from boy in blue,  

 Two suede jackets pasteach other,   

Waiter runs by quick run around the corner going gone,   

Woman with orange handbag peeling orthopaedic Robert,

Guy with baseball hat carrying four cases of beer,   

Trendy sitting on bench outside laundromat,   

Taxicab driver waiting in front of sub shop,   

Woman in black heels going by elegantly oh it’s my boy Porsche,  

 Man in red cigarette going by in smoking letter,   

Three businessmen over converging each other,  

 Followed by two more businessmen converging,   

Man in blue pullover going into laundromat,  

 Woman in black skirt and gray blouse walking with man in red,   

Two boys at the corner looking at three young girls go by,   

Man yellow shirt on medication with tennis racket,  

 Lots of activity andarguing  in the laundromat,  

 Man in gray jumpsuit with balls around his neck,   

Man with a green garbage bag going into laundromat,   

Curfew sirens going off,   

Man with a green garbage bag comes out of laundromat,

Groups of people leave the laundromat in a hurry,

Subs shop covers its windows,

The street is slowly clearing out,   Busy beauty going to sleep.

copyright Napoleon Brousseau 2012

NaPoWriMo  day 06

One Reply to ““Profiling Poetry””

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