“Ditto City”

The mindful recollections and dispatches from various artists as they  follow a thread of partial insanity out of a world ravaged by wars of ideology to a pocket of calm in a city  where souls are ground down in order to maintain a separation  from a chaotic outside world.

I will be posting one new page every monday starting on May 13th, 2013. NB

2 Replies to ““Ditto City””

  1. Hey Nap, I got a page not found message for this post on my iPad. I’ll check on my laptop later. S.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. I am still organizing the content, the last month of poetry with NaPoWriMo was challenging with keeping a daily output of worthwhile material. Ditto City was transcribed using Dragon which created many obtuse word substitutions. At times there is no story line anymore, just rambling.
      Soon, I will make a point of realeasing 500 word packets of Ditto soon. NB


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