“This was written with you in mind”

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Napo and Mona


While you sit there and make your lists

There’s a world out there I can’t resist

Science is not my nature doesn’t make me tick

Your dream was my dream though we never met

I sang on target without regret

You said so many things I won’t forget

Allegation causes and demands

Who’s the sacrifice and who’s the lamb?

Welfare warfare at the occupy stockade

So many extras won’t make the grade

We create at separate altitudes

Our views might differ but not attitudes

I don’t mean to get hysterical

But it’s gone on  much to long

My views are not post historical

But you wont leave me hanging upside down

Double trouble on your audio line

Blowing bubbles to confuse my mind


Sunshine came softly through my window to say

Working double in your kama sutra cafe

I crossed the ocean, when no one could see

I put a love bomb, in your submarine

copyright:napoleon brousseau 2013

NaPoWriMo day 07


Your words appreciated

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