Bee Girl Invasion

The implosion of blazing signifiers
Renews screening of radioactive meanings
Past production is void of aggression
I summon listen to this opaque being
For a stumbling block spontaneity
According to cerebral coalescence
“In Vacuo Senso”
Posers allure with believers
Procuring just enough social meaning
For transmission of a whisper
Settle for Less

The destructive pandemonium of bourgeois ethics
Defies reverse slippage from
The dream shuffling hypothesis as reality
Wealthy shadow theatres
Dissolve in the socialist sunlight
Or flash light
Dying generalities accessing  time currencies
Economies not housed by the living
Ambiguous rules make instant gravy
You vacationing hobos need to
Settle for Less

Revision runs after power pancakes
And butters the sacred pig
The apogee of lifes appearances
Ring hollow in obituary utterances
Ashes to payoffs
Gigantic revolving drums
Filled with servant continuity
Sharing multiple organic digressions
Uninterrupted high-risk allegories
Our hot holy flavored secret
Settle for Less

©napoleonbrousseau 2013             NaPoWriMo day 18

Your words appreciated

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