Young boys make fire by side of road
Modishly tending the flames
Young woman comes about the roadside
Stopping talking to the boys
They speak coordinates on a circular motion plane
Exchange  physical numerical  existence
On the planet that makes it’s own gravy
It’s relation to it’s Sisters in the Cosmos
One boy stands and speaks in ernest about Chaos
The woman is impressed as they immerse themselves into the landscape
Industrial as it may be
The boy holds out his hand
A small droplet of rain hits his palm
His nostrils flair
With a sudden jerk she wipes a droplet from her cheek
Pushing it into her mouth
Do raindrops fall in patterns?
Drops drop she says as boys gather around the fire
What about chaos?
The woman removes her plastic polka dot rain coat
The rain is now driving lines to the ground
The universe is a plastic polka dot raincoat
She looks to the sky
Drops the raincoat in the fire
The boys stand back
She disappears
The raincoat collapses the boys disappear
The fire leaps up into the sky
Over the roar of flames
One hears her coordinates

©napoleonbrousseau 2013                     NaPoWriMo  day 19

Your words appreciated

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