Flight to Entebbe
” IDF Flight to Entebbe”

A simple
Justification would have suffice
But  that only comes through exchange
Of odds and ends and who has time for that
Instead seeking refuge in a mental womb
Weapons are faster considered of themselves
In speed and point to consequences
We live in a work place
modelled for combat
It numbs body dominance
Creating  implied freedom channels
That dissolve in the sudden chaos
Of migratory routes of class and money
It affirms limited visibilaty
It archives youthful  velocity
This faceless slap shot
Ricochets   you into industrial sausage casing
Of seamless military capitalism
Armed space is smooth void of conflict
With  sudden friction unacceptable

©napoleonbrousseau 2013                                     NaPoWriMo  day 20

Your words appreciated

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