Big Toe Testimonials
Big Toe Testimonials

in the pablum of industrial revulsion there’s a rumour
which begat endo-morphic tele-global perceptual transits
which begat pizio-mystic flesh consumptive carnage
which begat planetary bio reductive seismic ideologies
which begat nymphomatic vending machines of options
which begat  bastardized  derivative model lifestyles
which begat leisure remnants culture rabbles
which begat figurative building blocks for the forgotten
which begat smoking guns in the board room
which begat a billion smoking cigarettes  on freeways
which begat destructive calculators gnawing darkness
which begat crazy kisses in aquaducts of daydreams
which begat cooze surrender dreaming splendour
which begat mobs of junctions without life rafts
which begat plump galley slaves strumming angels
which begat crucifixion battered roman skewers
which begat giggling monkeys munching wieners
which begat skimming scammers in pijamas
which begat  this interruption in the broadcast
which in the end left us quiet, begat begone

© napoleon brousseau 2013        NaPoWriMo  day 27

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