“Giving Venus of Willendorf a Pink Belly”

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Earth Temple Meditation

in short my friend
you build a temple from a single stone
then anoint it
from the sacred spring within
eventually a wound will appear
let you enter away form the cold exterior
you will discover a blissful silence
as a wave of compassion moves
crackling forth  a spring of insight
for your thirsting visionary eyes
with this new found attention
you have  a place to look  to bee to visit to surround
to fly above it and blow up against it in a raging storm
as an emerald wind after the passing storm
this place is in the heart
from an impenetrable exterior
through your attentive desire
you saw threw a solid
no bear went over the mountain
when Goldilocks was with them
she could see threw the mountain
with the caring stare from an intrigued being
with the gentle caress of a loving other
the animal hunger of a living stream
you made an arcade to play in
a vestibule to stand in away from danger
an anti chamber to prepare for the mating charge
threw you came the emerald breath
billowing our sails full of curiosity
fresh feeding  sacred flames we stare
orange  with the spectacular blast of your furnace
glistening cells on the surface
of your moon child coloured skin
shooting tears of information
nourishing the world
we were vertical horizontal
upside down side out
Giving Venus of WIllendorf a Pink Belly

©napoleon brousseau                                 NaPoWriMo day 28

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