“Garnet the Energy Scrubber”

“Life Tools Power Objects”


I bought this Garnet in Rome on my birthday in 1987. I had seen it in a shop window while strolling the evening before with my friend Lydia Reghini, I was completely mesmerized; it looked like a giant pomegranate seed. Lydia went the following day a half hour after the shop had opened and it was gone. I had spent the  entire evening before fixated on it and had shown up early enough to stand around in the frigid March air of Rome sipping an espresso and gazing at it in the window. The shop owner told me it was from Canada, a place called Sudbury. As I held it in my hand, I told him I was taking it home, back to Canada, and paid forty dollars for it. It was later that I showed her the stone and she realized I had bought it, I could see she really had wanted to get it for me and that somehow associated to that time and to her sharp “no bull” Roman personality.

The other garnet from my collection is the grounding garnet I found while camping in near Kilbear Park, across from Shawanaga on Georgian Bay.   I had walked off from camp to engage in that solitary sitting and waiting for the wildlife to re-emerge after the disturbance of walking into “their” setting. I usually settle into a good vantage point for the show to begin, I draw in my body’s energy field and control my breathing; you don’t want to give off any signature that can be read easily. In this state I have had a chickadee try to make a nest in my hair, a coyote sniff my forehead, a crow pick up a quartz crystal that lay in front of me and drop it in my lap, I could go on. When you connect with your surrounding like that your worldview will change forever.

Anyway, as I sat I realized that in front of me was this unusual large black stone and as I looked closer I realized it was split in half. When I picked it up, it overwhelmed me with all the garnet inclusions bursting to life in the direct sunlight.  I already had my Roman garnet and I knew I had just found the anchor for it; I call it an anchor because it’s connection for me to the soil where it lay. Unlike my Roman garnet, that had possibly sat in that shop window for years.

A few years back I used both garnets in tandem in meditations and visualizations for my liver. I had been having that aching dull pain that was associated to diet. The diet part was easy to get a handle on, and even though this probably would be adequate, I started the visualizations. I had been the Body World show at the Science Centre and there was a real plasticized liver that I was able to hold and look at so I had a good 3D feel of it. The Body World liver resembled the large black schist I had found with large chick pea sized explosive red garnets.  I had started calling it the Shawanaga garnet and so also using the Sudbury garnet for my visualizations, because of their color in the sunlight and how they resembles the glistening interior of a pomegranate. So I imagine the blood going threw my liver glistening like the garnet and refracting light with a dense rich red color from the exterior down to a molecular level.

I observed over time that the large decahedron Sudbury garnet appears to shifts to a dull red brown and it looses it’s depth and spectral aspects, that’s when I clear it with sea salt water and let it sit in the sun from sunrise to sundown. Garnet represents primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos, through purification and love.


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