“Chance Time & Decay Distractors”

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“Life Tools Power Objects”

It sort of works the same way with time, we are immersed in it and sometimes it is difficult to sense the ebbs and flows as it passes through three dimensional space. In time any intersection is possible, in space you are confined so the idea is to sense that moment when you can change geographical locations, dream ahead of your position in space, or simply a subliminal sensory experience.

From one given moment to another things shift and change into an unimaginable amount of directions,   that’s where  dowsing or scrying can reveal a clue, you still have choices. Kinda like the Matrix, and somewhat unnerving when life and death situations occur. I usually keep those files on my mental desktop and at the slightest indications that, that specific event is unfolding I go into a hyper alert state and prepare to move on it. Unlike a “spot meditation” where you hone in for an instant in a blissful state of heart mind clarity, dowsing requires finding a suitable setting and a clearing of the space where you are going to be communicating.

Once you have set up a communication space, it is fitting to check in; you just can’t assume that the Oracle is waiting for you, that’s if you assume the Oracle is outside yourself. On the other hand you can consider yourself a lense that focuses and bends the time light and space around you, your body is like a thorus. On a sac of water, meat bag level we are a mouth and  anus power station with life support appendages, but on an energy level we are a galaxy of energy amplified and tuned into every living being on the planet. A huge humming generator, that’s why clearing a space is important you have to recognize your own true Heart Mind frequency, specially when you are searching for a coordinate in time and space. That’s the chance time chase, if you scry or search in the dream you have to beware of decay distractors that can feed you misinformation which in turn can create fear, anxiety, stress, all the good things these energies thrive on.

All the faces of the mystery dice game from 1930's
All the faces of the mystery dice game from 1930’s

The dice above are from a board game from the thirties. When I was a kid my father use to open his black steamer trunk full of his childhood toys and give one to my brother and I to play with. These dice came from a board game he claimed was a Freemason board game, I did find a Freemason board game but only worked with a single dice. I know my grandfather was a Freemason, the game could have come from him possibly.

Anyway, the assortment of symbols on the dice leaves it open to a peripheral impression, when using the dice for scrying I try not to look directly for an answer because my mind will manipulate the results instead I use my Heart Mind.

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